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spicy hermit cookies

Spicy Hermit Cookies - Let the holiday baking begin!

Though the busy work schedule continues I am well aware that time is marching on – before I know it the holiday season will be in full swing!  I have managed to finish most of my decorating already – now it is time to turn my attention to holiday baking. This year will be my first ‘grain free’ Christmas and should be lots of fun!

I’m going to do my best to re-create as many of ‘Mom’s’ Christmas recipes in grain free form. I intend the crown jewel to be a traditional Christmas pudding (wish me luck), but first I will try my hand at various cookie and bar recipes.

One of my favourite cookies growing up was the Spicy Hermit cookie. As the name suggests these cookies are full of yummy spices. This particular recipe also has small pieces of apple, as well as more traditional raisins.

As these were baking and the scent of spices filled the air, childhood memories came flooding back. At first bit I knew I had been successful at recreating a grain free version of a Christmas favourite.

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chocolate fruit and nut cookies

Fruit and Nut - Chocolate Inspiration

These lower sugar, vegan, gluten free cookies are inspired by my obsession with fruit and nut chocolate bars. Something about the mix of sweet fruit with bittersweet chocolate and toasted nuts has always been pure joy for my taste buds. These cookies have all the flavour of my favourite chocolately treat with the additional of actual nutrients!

These cookies are great with coffee or tea, and I’ve been told they aren’t too shabby as dessert with ice cream. Even my mom asked for the recipe, which is saying a lot!

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Yes – this is another gluten free blog.

Unlike many though, my recipes do not contain the traditional gluten free flour alternatives such as rice flour. This is because I live with a multitude of digestive health issues and feel best when I do not eat any grains at all. Instead I have opted to use almond meal, flax meal and coconut flour when a craving for baked goods or bread strikes. Personally, I think these options taste better than traditional gluten free flours anyway.

I also prefer to use very little sugar in my recipes. If I need a sweetener, I opt to use agave nectar and sometimes honey as alternatives to refined sugar.

I love the challenge of taking traditional grain laden recipes from my cookbooks and modifying them to be tasty, nutritious, grain free, low sugar treats. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do!