Flax bread with almond butter

Flax bread with almond butter

This morning I woke up craving toast. Half an hour later, after baking bread I had some.

Baking bread used to be an all day affair during my grain eating days. Mixing, kneading, waiting around for the dough to rise, kneading again, rising again… you get the picture.

I now make quick, grain free breads and though they don’t have the same yeasty smell, taste or texture as their glutenous counterparts, they certainly do the trick! Let’s face it, for me bread has always just been an almond butter delivery system for me anyway..

My favourite bread recipe simply for it’s speed, ease and great taste can be found here.

Have fun and enjoy!


Fall is just around the corner. I can tell because the sun is now shining in a weaker, wintery light, the sometimes oppressive humidity has been missing for weeks, and my body seems to have entered full-fledged ‘hibernation’ mode.

This doesn’t mean I’ve crawled into a cave to re-emerge in late April (though this can be a very tempting proposition by the time late January rolls around). What it does mean is that I’ve started to sleep in ever so slightly – a bit more each day. I’ve also started to crave complex carbs like crazy!

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Yes – this is another gluten free blog.

Unlike many though, my recipes do not contain the traditional gluten free flour alternatives such as rice flour. This is because I live with a multitude of digestive health issues and feel best when I do not eat any grains at all. Instead I have opted to use almond meal, flax meal and coconut flour when a craving for baked goods or bread strikes. Personally, I think these options taste better than traditional gluten free flours anyway.

I also prefer to use very little sugar in my recipes. If I need a sweetener, I opt to use agave nectar and sometimes honey as alternatives to refined sugar.

I love the challenge of taking traditional grain laden recipes from my cookbooks and modifying them to be tasty, nutritious, grain free, low sugar treats. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do!