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So Berry Good!

Though it is still early for these yummy red berries in my part of the world, strawberries from more temperate parts of the world are starting to make an appearance in my local stores.

Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C and potassium, and regular intake has been linked to a reduction in body inflammation, which is involved arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis and cancer. Though nothing beats locally grown strawberries that you’ve picked yourself, getting four quarts for five dollars at the store comes pretty close.

My almost hubby (2 months to go!) knows me well… despite my insistence that I could go to the store and come back with the one single item I went for he gave me a knowing ‘I told you so’ look when I saw the near mountain of strawberries before me.

When we got home I managed to find a spot in my fridge for the delicious red morsels. Finding a spot in my tummy or freezer before they all started to turn was another matter however. I let almost hubby know I could take care of ‘the problem’ – and today I did just that!

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Yes – this is another gluten free blog.

Unlike many though, my recipes do not contain the traditional gluten free flour alternatives such as rice flour. This is because I live with a multitude of digestive health issues and feel best when I do not eat any grains at all. Instead I have opted to use almond meal, flax meal and coconut flour when a craving for baked goods or bread strikes. Personally, I think these options taste better than traditional gluten free flours anyway.

I also prefer to use very little sugar in my recipes. If I need a sweetener, I opt to use agave nectar and sometimes honey as alternatives to refined sugar.

I love the challenge of taking traditional grain laden recipes from my cookbooks and modifying them to be tasty, nutritious, grain free, low sugar treats. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do!