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Little blog it has been a long time, but alas I have not abandoned you completely!

No excuses really. I simply got really busy around Christmas and never seemed to get back into my posting groove.

Today I finally work up to the sun shining, birds singing, and a sense of resolve. I guess Spring will do that?

The good news is that during my time away from blogging I haven’t necessarily given up on my grain-free adventures in the kitchen. I now have a few really solid recipes up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share. I guess that means I have to bake soon in order to take photos.. oh darn!

On another note, my Birthday is coming up and I’ve been hinting for one of these:

excalibur dehydrator

Sucker for Gadgets

Even if I end up buying myself a present I am hoping to start experimenting and sharing some raw ‘baking’ adventures soon!